Andrew Boyle Associates Ltd

Independent Transport Consultancy

Provide advice and assistance to UK Department for Transport on works in the highway
I was contracted to Traffic Management Division of the Department for Transport from March 2000 to February 2008 (8years) to provide advice and assistance on street works, that is works carried out in the street by utility companies, installing and maintaining their apparatus. Initially this was in relation to reducing the disruption caused by these works and involved the implementation of section 74 of the New Roads and Street Works Act and the trials of Lane Rental. Then we reviewed and updated the Coordination and other Codes of Practice. We then moved on to the development of the Traffic Management Act 2004 and Permit schemes which bring in works carried out by highway authorities themselves to the regime of control. I also sub contracted to WRc Ltd the development of a functional specification for the XML based Eton 4 and 5 systems. With my accumulated knowledge I am uniquely placed to advise Councils and Utilities on the operation of the TMA as well as to review its implementation and effectiveness.