Andrew Boyle Associates Ltd

Independent Transport Consultancy


Providing advice on organisational structures and statutory procedures to highway authorities
Andrew has over 23 years of experience in all aspects of highway planning, design, maintenance and management, and is uniquely placed to advise highway authorities on a wide range of functions and policies.
Providing advice on road programme development and implementation
Andrew's wide experience of road programme development enables him to provide salient and helpful advice to governments and local highway authorities on assessing priorities and choosing appropriate schemes for entry into programmes. He also advises on programme management and updating to reflect any changed priorities
Providing advice on individual scheme development including statutory procedures
Andrew has managed a large number of major and minor road schemes in both urban and rural situations and is knowledgable about the procedures required as well as design requirements and such issues as value for money. He is available to advise on a wide range of issues relating to the development of individual schemes.
Providing advice on the control of excavations in the street
Andrew spent 8 years advising the UK government, local authorities and untility companies on how to better control the execution of works of all kinds in the public highway including the development of the Traffic Management Act 2004. As such he is uniquely placed to provide advice on the implementation of these policies and to review how they are operating and what additional things might be required or how some of the provisions might be unneccesary.
Advice on government administration particularly in relation to technology issues;
Andrew has experience which he is able to use to advise on the impact of government adminstration on new technology developments and vice versa.
Advice on the institutional, regulatory and cultural aspects of the implementation of new technology in transport;
Andrew has experience of developing and installing new technology systems on major roads, in particular in dealing with the institutional and enforcement issues.
Network referencing in the use of GIS and ITS;
Andrew represented the UK on the Deputy European Road Directors sub group on network referencing and is well aware of the issues surrounding the use of highway data by the providers of travel information and direction.
Expert witness services on road scheme development
Because of his experience and knowledge, Andrew can provide expert witness services at public inquiries for both scheme promoters and objectors
Specification and Standards Issues;
Andrew was responsible for the overall production of both the Specification for Highway Works and the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges and is well placed to advise on individual aspects of these as well as their use as amended in other adminstrations and countries.
Contractual advice and assistance
Andrew is available to give advice on contractual disputes. He is part trained as a contract adjudicator for the ICE and is waiting to complete the training
Review of transport infrastructure delivery and operations.
Andrew provides a wide ranging and experienced view of transport operations especially on major roads and can be relied on to give impartial and effective advice on these matters.